Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sometimes the more we think, the more we get confused as well as the more we endeavor and paddle, the more we sink.

Perhaps I am going to wright about the perplexity of the wise human being.


Regarding the wisdom…

Or probably about the incipience of the human being who has lost the way.

No, this is not also. Perhaps we are going to derive a general proposition from details another time; with a new vision and new approach in the condition of viewing the consistence of the world from a skeptical perspective.

The magician of the word promises a new world which is silent and quiet, colorless and scentless, which time and place do not apply to it. Likely it is going to exist with a different condition and probably this world never happens unless within ours.

Perhaps human being as long as the duration of his or her memory is seeking the reality and intends to discover the reasons of that fact that he or she is lost in the world.
In fact, who and what is the human? Where does he or she come from and where is he or she going to? How the nature of him or her is created? Who defines the aim of the creation?
Hence, this weblog was designed and…

This weblog is for those who have lost the way; in fact has lost their selves. This weblog is for those who at least once have been attracted to different sophistries which are named occasionally "margins of the science". For those who have been met the challenge of the question "Can we finally realize that another reality is hidden in this world or in another world is hidden inside this world? Perhaps another human is hidden inside this human…"

This weblog is for those who have been over-wearied of the approaches which are used by the scientists for handling the marginal theories, which we define in the following lines.

Indeed, why each new theory or science which is not dominated by the human will be refuted, destructed or distorted rapidly? Hence, where are free-thinking and unbiased thinking that we have learned, we talk about and expect the people of science?

Many of the people who are not flexible in thinking discard all of this marginal logic without thinking about it. They believe there is no precious point in any of these remarks. Thus, this weblog is the most useful and helpful for them.

The subject of this weblog is the real science as well as the difference between the real science and pseudo-science. In addition, this is not necessary to be expert in science for distinguishing between the real science and pseudo-science. The only things that are sufficient are not prejudging, not presupposing, and referring the historical memory as a free thinker; the adventure of Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, and Louis Pasteur. This is sufficient only to approach a way of free thinking. We respectfully invite you to join us for strolling in the inner world and notice the explicit reasons and logic which are introduced in this weblog.

We respectfully invite to join us for strolling in the margins of the science, which are not meant science fiction adventures. The objective is not the science and the new improvements in the reliable fields such as Molecular Biology, High Energy Physics, Superconductors and etc. ;it is the penumbra area in which the sanctity of the reality is suspected; the subjects that no one neither thinks nor proves the existence of them such as scent, taste, color, volume, sound and etc.

Some people asked:
Is it right to suspect any basics of this world and put us in a vacuum? Was not it better if you let it to be more matured? Or transfer it to our mind language?

The answer is "Determinism". Yes my friends, a kind of determinism which is a kind of libertarianism.